Client Portal: Show me what it does

Video created by Michael Kinens Employee on Jan 9, 2019

    Accessible via mobile, tablet, desktop and laptop, the Client Portal offers a contemporary, easy to navigate front-end interface where your clients can engage with their financial information and interact directly with your business through secure messaging.


    The cloud hosted front-end interface provides information and functionality for your clients via a suite of widgets that you select from a range of modules. With different layouts to choose from and adaptive to your brand style it truly becomes your front-end.


    The back-end is built on a sophisticated, user friendly, enterprise grade content management system (CMS) that draws on data in your existing IRESS systems and presents it in the front-end interface for your clients. The CMS is an easy to administer, flexible solution that delivers your digital client experience at scale.


    In additional to a fully configurable option, three headline packages are available with pre-determined widgets across the modules to make build and speed to market even quicker.