emails: Using the 'Adhoc Letter' Wizard to save a 'draft'

Video created by Michael Kinens Employee on Jun 1, 2017

    For those keen to ensure that non-standard client communications undergo peer review before they are sent to clients, a minor 'change' to your 'Adhoc Letter' Wizard may deliver the solution your business is seeking.  This video demonstrates how the addition of an 'XPLAN page redirect' item on the Automatic Activity tab within the Wizard Settings will facilitate the creation of a 'draft' email that can be viewed and updated (if required) by others in the business before it is sent to the client.


    The video highlights:

    1. the use of standardised 'templates' grouped by category and type (supports consistency and lifts efficiency),
    2. the ability to 'save' the email without sending (supports peer reviews or simply the need to 'pause' the activity), and
    3. how an XPLAN email Template is utilised to 'draw in' the content created at the appropriate point in the exercise.



    To add this 'feature' to your 'Adhoc Letter' Wizard:

    1.  Select the Automatic Activity tab under the Wizard Settings area (within the Edit Interface menu)


    2.     Click the 'Add Activity' button and complete as per below, and select 'Save':




    Access to the Edit Interface functionality and the ability to create and/or update Wizards is Capability driven.  Speak to your System Administrator, Help Desk or Account Executive about implementing changes to your site design.