Client engagement and presentations in the Model Office - AMP Advice Summit 2015

Video created by Michael Kinens Employee on Nov 16, 2015

    How advisers engage and present to clients has evolved slowly over the past 10 years.  Given that the Apple iPad was first launched in April 2010, it is a little surprising that some practitioners are only now beginning to explore how these devices might be used to enhance both engagement and efficiency.  But technological change is seemingly constant, and whilst an iPad has its place (mobile meetings being a very good example), consider the impact of conducting your next client meeting with an interactive touch surface built into your boardroom table.


    Key Benefits:

    • It's 'behaviour' is very natural - you very much feel like you are pushing traditional paper around a table
    • Documents and screens can be conveniently resized to suit the audience
    • The meeting can be recorded - both video (essentially a replay of everything that was done) and audio can be captured
    • Notes can be captured and documents annotated
    • Meeting participants can use the screen simultaneously (client's could explore their cashflow projections whilst you capture key goals and objectives)



    The technology used:

    • Standard LED TV retro-fitted with a touch-screen overlay
    • XPLAN Touch for Advisers
    • Cruiser Interactive running on a laptop/desktop computer