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Subfund & Portfolio IRR/Period IRR for IPS breakout reports

Question asked by Chris Ball on Mar 14, 2019

Wondering if anyone has been able to find the xmerge code for grabbing the subfund IRR or Portfolio IRR from IPS Reports when using breakout code.


I'm running code using the standard 


<:let report=$client.DoReport.ipsv.any_report('value' report_source='base_performance', portfolios='CX' sort='description', date='Last 12 Months (Mth)', group='Portfolio,Subfund,Position', subreports=['subfund','code','position_id'], aggregation==[['postion_id']], exclude subfunds='on'):>


If run a loop across report to create a dict for the subfund and then a sub loop to match up the aggregated positions per subfund .


I'm struggling to find the xmerge to pull out the subfund irr or period irr.. so as to replicate the data which is provided in the standard Performance Report.