Dean Hangyu

Advice Wizard Implementation Guide

Discussion created by Dean Hangyu Employee on Mar 5, 2019

This document will provide a guide on how to implement the Advice XPLAN Wizard onto your XPLAN site.


It is a three step process:

  1. Upload the separate Advice XPLAN Doc Library Templates. These files makes up the body of the Statement 
    of Advice document.

  2. Upload the Advice XPLAN Template which is coded to draw upon those templates in the Document Library.

  3. Import the Advice XPLAN Wizard and making sure that at the end of the wizard, you will be able to merge out 
    the Statement of Advice document.


This Advice XPLAN Wizard includes many free text fields where you can preload strategy texts or other saved texts 
that will help reduce the time to produce a Statement of Advice document. 


For a detailed guide on updating those Managed Field Content, please see the Advice XPLAN Managed Field 
Content guide after you complete the instructions outlined in this document. 


NB: If you have previously added or edited the fields within the Goals group field, you may notice these fields showing 
up in the Advice Wizard. To resolve this, you will need to access XPLAN > Administration Functions > Interface and 
hide those fields.