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Beneficiaries conditions for super

Question asked by Jonathan Garabos on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by Jonathan Garabos

Hi Michael Kinens,


As discussed, I am trying to add an extra condition (highlighted in the attached document) so that if there is no amount entered in the amount case nothing appears in the merge instead of Xplan default which is either $0.00 or 0%.


The reason behind this is that when there is no beneficiaries set, instead of leaving the field empty we Free text "No beneficiaries defined" in the beneficiaries name, so that we know that if the field is blank it probably hasn't been checked.


Therefore when there is a beneficiary field set as "No beneficiaries defined" I'd like to not have the either $0 or 0% (default value of the "amount" field when beneficiary's entered) next to it.




Can you see what I'm doing wrong? Would you be able to help please?