Jamie Magro

Getting around sorting Suitebox meetings

Discussion created by Jamie Magro on Nov 26, 2018

We are on XPLAN 18.11.41 and have identified the following "issues" so far, and wonder if anyone else has similar experiences or solutions to the same challenges, having played about with the Suitebox integration recently.


Q1 As a host, I seem to be able to “leave/end the meeting”, but the other participants (in my case I had 3 test users) could still be on the meeting, looking at the same file(s), etc. Worryingly still, clicking on the “Back” arrow in their browser after the participants have moved out of the meeting, they can still view the documents, etc. they had in the meeting session!


Q2 Is there any way we could control the email templates being sent out as part of the original invite, or documents being added, shared, signed and finalised?


Q3. The Note that’s saved on XPLAN as part of the recording – can this be of a different Type / Sub-Type, as this will require consistency across our other documents on the DMS. Currently it seems as though this gets set up as Type = Meeting, with no SubType


Q4. Recodings still seem to have a limit of 1hr (or so the XPLAN notification message states when setting up a new meeting). I thought this was something that had been resolved?


Looking forward to any other user feedback