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2017 Wrap Up: What a huge year for us all!

Discussion created by Alexander Klomp Employee on Dec 21, 2017

As I sit here writing the wrap up for 2017, I can't help but think of how much has evolved for our Practice Solutions Team and for each and every one of you as well. It's been a tough and challenging year with a lot going on in both the Wealth Management industry as well as the world abroad.


Here at IRESS we've certainly put a lot out there in 2017 and it's been fantastic to see such great response from you all. Many of the newest solutions and features that have come out this year have been well received and we've really enjoyed taking you on the journey of improving each and every one of your businesses.


We are looking forward to 2018 and what that will bring, we know there are some seriously exciting developments in the pipeline that we can't wait to announce early next year, but for this post - we wanted to take a step back and have a look at some of the key things that we brought you in 2017.


Let us know if there's anything here you missed our announcements for during the year and would like to chat to us about in 2018, we'll be more than happy to help you implement these new solutions and give your advice a new edge in 2018!




If you haven't read the article by Emily Chen about two months ago on our new project initiative XPLAN Labs, then I'd highly recommend going and having a read! This is going to be major change for XPLAN, bringing both a design uplift to XPLAN's interface as well as an entirely new design process and architecture.



"To unlock the rich functionality of XPLAN by making it 
more efficient, intuitive and delightful"


This is the mission statement of our XPLAN Labs project, and you'll see from 2.25 onwards new feature toggles that will allow you to test these new screens. Give us feedback here on the insights too! We want to know what you think!


IRESS Insights Community


If you haven't noticed already, you're reading this on a brand new website! Gone is the website we've been using (ably) for the last 18 months and in is this new space! It's full of great content, and you'll have noticed as well it has now replaced XPLAN Help as well. Your Help Guides are here, as well as learning pathways to upskill you and your staff on XPLAN, so if you haven't registered, make sure you get onboard because the Insights Community is the way of the future for community interaction and user training!



IRESS Global Hackathon



Our global hackathon this year was a resounding success! Back in May of this year, we dropped tools for 24 hours and worked in cross functioning teams across 5 continents to come up with an idea, develop & present it for judging. 12 hackathon locations, 161 teams & 347 ideas along with hundreds of empty pizza boxes and cans of energy drinks later we had our biggest global hackathon to date!


IRESS iAssist


Our global winner from the hackathon was the IRESS iAssist. A functionality that allowed our XPLAN support staff to log into your site in a controlled IRESS environment. You as the XPLAN user have the control over how long they have access to your site for. This was a big win for us & our clients because rather than having our XPLAN users share their login details & not have access to their site for a period of time or our support teams waiting on Account Managers & Account Executives to provide them with their logins (if they have any).



This new functionality is going to help our support team get resolutions to you faster and provide assistance to you in a far more secure manner. This has been released in version 2.23 so for many of you it should now already be available on your XPLAN site.





XPLAN Prime, which I’m sure you’ve been hearing a bit about is our is a guided advice solution that enables the provision of objective-based, scalable advice by providing a streamlined, highly optimised and efficient advice and review process.



Prime uses the underlying power of XPLAN’s client management, calculation, portfolio and research functionality; presented in a pre-defined, engaging and simple advice journey which can be used collaboratively with clients.



If you’d like to see if Prime will be a good fit to your business, please get in touch with your Account Manager or Account Executive.


Knowledge Centre-XPLAN Integration


You may have heard of our Knowledge Centre module which provides your clients with a newsletter service along with access to an platform which is held on a different site that gets updated on a monthly basis to help them improve their financial literacy along with keeping abreast on things occurring in that space.



With the integration with XPLAN all that functionality is now inhouse. Utilizing existing XPLANTouch functionality, your clients will have access to the articles and features within Knowledge Centre.



Newsletter templates get updated with 3 new articles & 2 new videos on a monthly basis & ready to send through XPLAN via the Mailchimp API – which more importantly adds a file note against the client!


Suitebox-XPLAN Integration


2017 was also the year, we established a strong partnership with Suitebox. For those who don’t know, Suitebox is virtual meeting room platform that allows you to have video conferences with your end clients along with the ability to share & sign documents whilst in the meeting. Suitebox also allows for you to record your meeting for compliance purposes.



The integration with Suitebox provides you with the ability to use Suitebox as is, within XPLAN – this was a big win for us, as the integration allows us to save the shared or signed documents & recorded video against the clients file notes, so everything is in the one place. We’ve even seen clients utilize Suitebox as a training tool for new advisers, to be able to record meetings and watch back on meetings to improve advice delivery.


Digital Signatures


On the topic of signing, XPLAN was proud to launch their own Digital Signature functionality. Using 2FA a notification will be sent to your clients stating that there is a document waiting for them to sign in client access.



Once they are logged in they will need to agree to the terms & conditions and then generate a one time password which will be sent to their mobile number.



Once they enter that in & select the sign option, they will have officially signed the document. We’ve also just built in new features to be able to run workflow from Digital Signatures, as well as be able to activate Digital Signatures directly off the back of wizards.


As you can see - we've had a huge year. So let us know if there's anything we can do for you in the new year!