Alexander Klomp

IRESS dips into RegTech: Introduction to Lucsan

Discussion created by Alexander Klomp Employee on Nov 16, 2017

IRESS recently announced an equity investment in leading Australian RegTech business Lucsan, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to sit down and have a look at what this could mean for IRESS and the solutions you use on a daily basis.


Who is Lucsan? What do they do?


Lucsan was founded by Harold Lucero in 1999. They are Australian owned and operated, and have a presence in both Sydney and Melbourne. Lucsan is an established and innovative RegTech product provider helping organisations better understand and manage business risks in the regulatory, compliance and governance space.


Their products harness science to power transformative, efficient and effective technology solutions that enable organisations to be well-equipped for compliance challenges in today’s modern business world.


Lucsan helps organisations meet ongoing compliance and regulatory challenges to support brand reputation, prevent fines, reduce the cost of capital and ensure licence retention. We offer an integrated platform with out-of-box automated compliance measures in accordance with local and global regulations.


Is Lucsan technology coming to IRESS products in the near future?


The Lucsan team are market leaders we are working with them to allow XPLAN data to be displayed real time into the Lucsan suite of products, providing real time analytics of how your business is tracking. Whilst the first iteration of this work is focused on compliance guidelines and ASIC supervision and monitoring requirements we expect to broaden this offering in 2018 to cover all business analytics that you can use from the data stored in XPLAN.