Knowledge Centre (Innergi) & XPLAN integration is here!

Discussion created by zainzama Employee on Nov 15, 2017

You may have heard of our Knowledge Centre module (formally known as Innergi) which provides your clients with a newsletter service along with access to information to improve their financial literacy.

Launched from version 2.20 onwards the XPLAN/ Knowledge Centre integration is here!


What does this integration mean?


  •     Knowledge Centre will continue write up to 3 new articles & add new 2 videos monthly, which will be incorporated in Knowledge Centre email templates, for you to choose from.
  •     Using existing XPLAN Campaigns functionality, you can subscribe clients to your newsletter & have the email file noted against the client when it is sent to them through XPLAN.
  •     Rather than having an additional site to send your clients to, the Knowledge Centre platform has integrated with XPLAN Touch for clients, it will now show up as another option.
  •     You can create custom articles & choose what types of articles you’d like your clients access to via system settings
  •     You can receive basic email analytics that feed through from the Mailchimp API


If you’re interested in learning more about how this could fit in your business, please get in touch with your Account Manager



Zain Zama


Zain Zama is an Account Manager with the Practice Solutions Team.
This article was written for the November 2017 Edition of the Practice Solutions Newsletter.