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Managed Services - Configuration Update

Blog Post created by Russell Cross Employee on May 24, 2018


A number of configuration changes are now ready to be deployed to your site and will be completed over the coming weeks.  A lot of work has been going into the standard configuration to deliver new and enhanced functionality.  Some of this has been regulatory change but most of it has been completed on different artifacts following feedback from you (our clients).  The areas where we will be making the changes are as follows:


  • GDPR - Capture Consent and Marketing information / XMERGE Syntax
  • New Add Client Wizard
  • Letter Wizard
  • Enhanced Invoicing template
  • New Business Event Reporting Xport
  • Updated Individual Factfind including capturing of PEPS
  • New Protection Policy Schedule
  • Enhanced Valuation Report


If any of your colleagues have not received this update, please share it with them and contact your Account Manager and let them know so that we can add them to our mailing list. 


If you have any questions about the changes or would like to know more about how they work then please contact your Account Manager who will be able to help you.


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Capture Consent and Marketing Information

GDPR legislation, which comes into force on 25 May 2018, requires that both data processors and data controllers need to record permission for personal data to be processed.  Although this would have been possible using custom fields in versions prior to 2.25, we have introduced product changes to support this requirement.


Once deployed, 3 new pages will be created.  These are:

  • Client Menu
    • At a Glance -> Quick Reference -> Consent and Marketing Preferences
    • Key Information -> Data Processing Consent
  • User Menu
    • Key Details -> Consent and Marketing Preferences


XMerge Syntax

If you would like to write a report that utilises the new consent and marketing fields then there is sample Xmerge code and the output it produces in the attachments at the bottom of this update. 


If you require any further detail or help with these changes then please contact your Account Manager.


Add Client Wizard


GDPR legislation, which comes into force on 25 May 2018, requires that both data processors and data controllers need to record permission for personal data to be processed.

We have therefore introduced a standard Add Client Wizard, which allows users to capture the details of the data processing consent provided by their clients at the point they are added to the system.


There is no mandatory requirement to capture consent details at the point of entry and the client can still be added without this.

The wizard is designed to allow the capture of just enough data to create the client record and works with individual, company, partnership and trust entities.


Letter Wizard


There have been many changes made to the letter wizard.  These changes have included enhancements and bug fixes.  The full list can be seen below:



  • The questions have been re-ordered to match the flow of the output letter.
  • Section titles have been put in to show the different sections of the letter (e.g. Heading, Salutation, Body, Signature)
  • Line spacing has been amended so that the address should appear in a windowed envelope (logo size dependent)
  • If writing to a client any supplier information linked to the policy is now displayed
  • Supplier letters now show the date below the supplier name & address to match the client templates
  • Removed the table that shows provider / owner / policy number, added the details to the subject line and made it bold. This is to ensure consistency with other client letters.
  • Power of Attorney letters are now supported. The Power of Attorney must be set up as an individual entity and then linked to the correct customer.
  • Letters to referrers and professional connections are now supported
  • Ensure that the policies shown in the letter relate to the specific individual client selected.


Heading Section

  • Display "Address From" is now an option and can be removed from the output.
  • The Address Title now uses the text in the main page if it is completed.
  • The Address to now has a space between the initials and surname when a joint letter is required
  • The Address To now appears in a windowed envelope if folded correctly
  • “Who is the letter addressed to?” now has the option for ‘Company’
  • New field “Who is the addressee”. This is visible only when the letter is addressed to a company is selected.
  • If you are writing to Suppliers, Power of Attorney, Client Referrers or Client Professional Connection, a new question asks whose policies you are writing about.


Salutation Section

  • The salutation now works correctly for a joint letter. This means that the Title and Surname are used when they share the same surname (e.g. Mr and Mrs Smith). If surname is different it uses the Title and surname of both (e.g. Mr Smith and Mrs Jones).
  • If writing to a client then the “Who are you writing to?” question is used to identify which policies are brought back. This is relevant for insurance policies and pensions where a specific ‘partner’ template is required.



  • Policy information is now shown on a single line and made bold as the subject line
  • Policy information now correctly displays the policy owner (e.g. client, partner or joint)
  • The main text can now contain merge code which will appear on the output letter correctly



  • The ‘Sender’ field now includes a “Client” option so that letters can be prepared for the client to sign. As such, the company logo is not displayed. There is support to write from the client, partner or both.
  • The display of the sender’s qualifications is now an option for inclusion on the signature. New question, Do you want to include Qualifications. This will display the qualifications captured in the ‘Qualifications‘ field on the user record (in the Employment panel).
  • Similarly, the inclusion of the sender’s job title is now optional. If this is switched on, then the ‘Job Title’, again recorded against the user record in the Employment panel, is shown within the signature.
  • The sender’s contact details can now be selected to be shown or hidden. Contact details (telephone number / email address) captured against the user record will display.
  • The company name can be selected to be shown or hidden within the signature. This will show the name of the New Question, Do you want to display the company name in the letter. The company name is assumed to be the name of the user’s primary group. On the letter output, this will appear below the sender’s job title.

Wizard options

  • Policies (if applicable) can be selected to be included within the letter. Partner insurance / retirement plans can be selected separately if required.
  • There is the option to select whether you wish to generate each letter and automatically link it to a document note, or simply generate the letter without linking it to a document note.


We are always looking to enhance the wizard further so if you want to share some requirements then we will look to see if we can incorporate them in the next release. Please contact us at and let us know how this and other areas can be improved.


Enhanced Invoicing Template  


The latest invoicing template contains the following changes:

  • Displays the company name in the address if the entity is a company. It still shows the clients name if it is an individual entity
  • Displays the VAT number if this is entered into the Group information
  • Add the group logo to the invoice in the top left
  • Removed excess blank space on the charges and summary sections

New Business Event Reporting Xport


We are introducing a new data extract routine (Xport) for New Business Event data. This will serve to supplement the data already available in the XPLAN New Business Management Report. We are also introducing a small configuration change which will optionally allow users to record chargeable advice or other new business activity which is not directly associated with a specific policy or asset.


The report contains the following fields:

  • Event Type
  • Advice Type
  • Case Ref
  • Conducted By
  • Start Date
  • Proposal Date
  • Entity Id
  • Client Name
  • Owner
  • Adviser
  • Available Product Type
  • Type
  • Sub Type
  • Product Name
  • Product Provider
  • Platform Provider
  • Product Start Date
  • Maturity/End Date
  • Amount
  • Frequency
  • Source of Funds
  • Source of Funds Notes
  • Sale of other product?
  • Vulnerable Client?
  • Existing Plan Entity Id
  • Existing Plan Type
  • Existing Plan
  • Remuneration Type
  • Commission Description
  • Total Commission
  • Charge Description
  • Total Charge
  • Referrals
  • Re-invest
  • Collection Method
  • Method
  • Policy Account

Individual Factfind including capturing of PEP


In support of the FCA regulatory changes introduced in July 2017 by FG16/6, the standard configuration is introducing enhanced functionality for a firm to record that a client has been identified as a politically exposed person (PEP).


The functionality consists of:

  • A new group field for recording the PEP status of family members/close associates;
  • A new Individual Factfind wizard and merge templates that use the new fields;
  • New configuration to display the new fields (plus two existing fields previously unused in Kickstart) within the ‘At A Glace’ > ‘Quick Reference’ menu;
  • additional code in the Individual Factfind templates to print this new information (final, draft and blank templates).

Protection Policy Schedule  


A number of firms have asked for the ability to produce a standalone schedule for Protection policies. What has been developed is an Xmerge template in the template area that can either be run for a number of clients (bulk) or individually within the client's record (Servicing and Administration -> Documentation -> Document templates).


When it is run, it takes the information from a new file (within the document library -> XMERGE Library) called Protection Schedule Settings.  Its contents can be copied to the template area and the document note shared with your groups and enabling you to have your own version of the output report.  A guide to this file can be found at the bottom of this note (Protection Policy Schedule - Configuration guide).


If you require any further detail or help with these changes then please contact your Account Manager.


Enhanced Valuation Report


A number of significant changes have been made to the valuation report.  These changes give far more flexibility to how the report is run and more importantly, it can be run without the wizard therefore allowing it to be run in bulk for multiple clients.  The details of the changes are shown below



  • The most significant change to this version of the Valuation report is to allow the report to operated without using the wizard. By following the instructions provided, as a site administrator, you will be able to choose when to move the selection of these valuation report output options from the wizard within the client record, to the standard settings you want to specify centrally. It will also offer the opportunity to run the Valuation Report in "batch mode" against many clients at the same time from a set of search results, a campaign or scheduled task. The configuration can now be managed at site or individual firm/group level in a multi-tenanted site. The Valuation Report - Configuration Guide provides more detail on this new feature, how you can use it and can be found linked to this update.
  • A new option has been added to display in the Summary section a pie chart for both assets and retirements, broken down by the various asset/retirement fund groups you currently have configured or configured using the new approach mentioned above.
  • A new option has been provided to display a summary of liabilities within the Summary section alongside the client's assets. This can be used to give a view of the client's overall net worth.
  • Medical Inurance is now included in the Protection section



  • The wizard now has two additional options to support the new asset breakdown pie chart and inclusion of liabilities in the Summary section:
    • Include Summary Pie Chart
    • Include Liabilities.



  • The report templates have been amended to include the new asset breakdown pie chart and inclusion of liabilities in the Summary section.
  • The report templates have been amended to allow the current behavior that are governed by settings in the wizard to be controlled by a more centralized mechanism. The report also now has fallback behaviour to allow it to operate without the need to have run the client through the Valuation wizard or to have configured the centralized mechanism beforehand. The Valuation Report - Configuration Guide provided details of this default fallback behaviour.
  • Medical Insurance is now included in the Protection section.
  • Some comsetic changes have been made to the layout and format of the report…
    • Changes to border widths and colouring on tables
    • Tables have been widened to make more use of the page and appear centred.
    • Actual vs Regional Asset Allocation – pie chart size increased to max possible size to make legend as readable as possible.
    • Changed date format to short month (e.g. Jan instead of January).
    • Sorted Investment Summary table on fund name (description) rather than value (lowest to highest).


New Components

  • A new standard configuration file is provided as part of the deployment package. A copy of this standard configuration file will also be included in the XMERGE Library folder in the Document Library of template sites. In a centrally managed site the standard configuration will be automatically published to the Document Library in the XMERGE Library folder. Refer to Valuation Report - Configuration Guide for more details (at the bottom of this page).


If you have any questions regarding this or any other development item then please contact your Account Manager who will assist you in finding a resolution.  



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