Michael Kinens

Making Insights more 'Help full'

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Jun 21, 2016

Your pond is now an ocean.  When you next search Insights using either the 'Spotlight Search box' (the magnifying glass you always see in the top-right of the page), the Support Centre (from the menu at the top of the page), or the Search Widget within the User Guides 'space', you are very likely to see results which include content from Help.  The introduction of these guides is a significant milestone as it ensures that you and your business have access to the most comprehensive collection of information, knowledge, and ideas available to our partners.


Some of the benefits will be obvious, for example, the ability to directly link to step-by-step instructions if and when required, will greatly facilitate the implementation of ideas or topics that are raised within discussions.  Others will be less obvious, but equally powerful.  A great enhancement which falls into this category is the search engine itself, it's smarter!  Try searching for 'corporate action takeover' in traditional Help, and then compare the results with this.    


Searches are also dynamic - as you type, results are returned, which allows you to easily adjust your criteria if you're not seeing the right topics (a big time saver over traditional Help).  There are many other features which, in time, we'll highlight in greater detail - but if you're impatient, have a look at the News feed features, and how you can Bookmark, Share, Comment, and Like the content in Help.  We'd also greatly appreciate you marking content as Helpful (or otherwise) which, when combined with the other 'actions', assists others in the Community to locate the right answers.


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