Design Led Thinking for B2B Products

Blog Post created by echen Employee on Jul 11, 2017

There are a fair bit of literature around designing for B2C products, not so often around B2B products.

So it was certainly intriguing to see the topic pop up in one of the Sydney product manager meetup groups. So a couple of us from XPLAN Product team thought we would pop in to hear about it last week.


The speaker, Amanda, shared her experience from a Private Health Insurance project. They were retiring an old Corporate Private Health policy and she was in charge to design a new one. In this particular market, there are brokers (who the insurer deals with), employers (who the brokers sell to) and then the employees (who ultimate benefits from the policy). 


Some of the key takeaway for me

  • Always start with the humans that you are designing for! It is literally - human-centred-design.
  • In the B2B context, product strategy needs to shift from feature set to enterprise customer experience.
  • When we design for B2B products, it's important to take into account all the "B"s, not forgetting the ultimate "C". e.g.. Brokers, Advisers, Practice Managers, Licensees & Administrators. 
  • A good understanding of the stakeholder map, so we get a detailed view of the bill payers and the advocates within he customer environment. 
  • Paper prototypes are a great way to engage the customers. These are cheap and easy tools we all have access to.


Great discussions & lots of food for thought, and resonates with the way we are approaching Product & Design - always place people first!