Brian Warfel

Near Enough Isn't Good Enough

Blog Post created by Brian Warfel on Jun 27, 2018

We know you and your clients are increasingly time poor, and the traditional means of conducting business, such as signing documents in person, are no longer as economically viable or convenient. Using these outdated methods can cause administrative bottlenecks in your business, leading to frustrating, costly, and unnecessary delays for you and your clients.


Near enough isn’t good enough

While digital signing technologies have provided additional layers of efficiency and convenience, they are often unsuitable in situations that require a higher level of compliance and security or are more complex – such as witnessing. In these situations, a platform that lacks end-to-end functionality just doesn’t cut it or adds risk.

Many clients today are risk-averse when it comes to the security of personal information.  Clients are actively looking for firms who can not only offer advice with a completely secure and compliant service, but it needs to be convenient and easy for them to use.


What’s the professional of the future to do?


Instead of relying on several fragmented processes to conduct your client appointments, SuiteBox provides an end-to-end solution for meeting with clients.  Why waste time sitting in traffic or asking your client to use a disjointed electronic signature platform outside of your actual meeting with them?  With SuiteBox you can meet, greet, advise, present, obtain real-time signatures and have an automated audit trail document attached to your meeting recording that details every interaction in the meeting including when each participant signed the document.  All in ONE meeting that can be saved in the client XPLAN record.


How many more revenue generating opportunity meetings could you pursue each day by eliminating travel time to client meetings or having your office calendar “rearranged” by late client arrivals? 


In the age of convenience, near is not good enough.  Conveniently be where your clients are with SuiteBox!