Andrew Brooks

6 Tips to Creating a Great Client Experience

Blog Post created by Andrew Brooks Employee on Jul 19, 2017
For your business to create a great client experience it must have the right framework in place to create and demonstrate value to your clients. Every aspect of your business must be considered in the process even ones that your clients don’t have direct exposure to but ultimately impact their overall experience.
My tips to help create a great client experience for your business:
1. Explain & Educate
Whether you are a service or product provider educating your client is a great way to create value and trust. Arming them with knowledge will allow them to go and share that knowledge with others and empowering them in the process. Ensure you cater for the novice and expert alike and everything in between. For someone that is more experienced or has a greater understanding about a topic, there is nothing more aggravating than being treated like everyone else. If in doubt, ask questions to get a better understanding on how they are placed knowledge wise. Consider having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or self-serve help centre that your clients and team have access to.
2. Make Business Easy
Create processes and use technology to make doing business with you as easy, stream lined and stress free as possible. Anticipate the speed bumps when needed and make the journey smooth. It is when a ride is bumpy and uncomfortable that people become reluctant to recommend you to others, you want them to be raving advocates.   
3. Communicate
Communicate effectively and efficiently. Share information that adds value to them and don’t share what doesn’t. People pay money with the expectation that the service or product is of a high standard and that you are doing your job. Review your touch points frequently with your team and assess if something needs to be added, removed or changed.
4. Engage & Interact
Treat your clients like humans like they are and show interest in them.  They have feelings, they have interests, they have opinions and stresses. Knowing your clients on a deeper level helps you better understand them and their needs. It builds resonates through discussion & interaction whether it be in person, on the telephone, video conferencing or on social media. Time is money, but time is also well spent by connecting with your clients.  
5. Ask Questions & Seek Feedback
Don’t assume you are doing everything wonderful, we are generally blinded by our own opinions and view point. We need to ask questions and seek feedback along your client’s journey. It is only by knowing how they perceive it that we can improve it and make it even better for others. The method as to how to seek that feedback is just as important. Some people do not respond well to direct questioning, they may not be as honest or forthcoming with feedback than if they were contacted indirectly via an online survey or if they could provide it anonymously.
6. Manage Expectations
Instead of under promising and over delivering, concentrate on managing their expectations on every aspect of your service or product. Be honest, be realistic and don’t be ashamed to explain the process or the reasons why something may take a certain amount of time. The added benefit of managing expectations is that your business has greater flexibility in allocating its resources to time critical tasks.
We can always improve on the client experience we provide our clients and there is never a perfect way to do it. The key is to regularly review your business, its processes and methods of engagement and tweak as needed to keep it in top shape. They say it is easier to maintain a loyal client than to source and replace one, having a great client experience will make it easier to both acquire and maintain, the best of both worlds.