Loren Lane

What is the deal with Cases?

Discussion created by Loren Lane on Dec 20, 2017

We have spoken briefly about cases before however it is worth touching on them again as they allow businesses to have confidence that the correct process is followed and completed. There are three main terms to understand first


  •     Benchmark- are items which need to be completed for the advice to be compliant/finalised.
  •     Benchmark set: multiple benchmarks are linked together to create collection that is linked to the Case
  •     Case: allows you to maintain a collection of activities within a Thread that are important to the advice process. Is a combination of outcomes (benchmark set) and a process (defined by a practice)

Essentially a case is a list of activities or actions that need to be completed, they may be mandatory and non-mandatory. A case will comprise your benchmark sets, lead process (if applicable) and your own processes (thread) which  bundle them all together in order to track where your client is at. The thread will not be able to be completed until the required benchmark items have been added to the case which ensures all compliance items are ticked off


You would create the case benchmark items first for example:


  1.      Create diary appointment for review 
  2.      Meeting file note

   3. Thank you file note 

   4. Any tasks or threads that are completed

   5. Any scenario wizard and output, including any modelling that has been done


These need to be put into a benchmark set and added to a case thread, the thread then has multiple individual tasks. As a user works through the thread the case items will be attached to differing tasks and be marked as ‘complete’ against the client. Once all benchmark items are competed the thread will be bel to be completed successfully.


Setting up a case relies on the adviser having their process mapped out first in order to know exactly what the tasks are and what benchmarks need to be adhered to. Once a process is mapped out outside of XPLAN it is then time to start building the benchmarks and thread.


If you would like to know more information or see what how cases may be able to assist please review  Cases or  contact your account manager who will be able to go through the process specific to requirements within the business