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New SOA available!

Blog Post created by Rabia Ceylan Employee on Mar 1, 2019

As you may be aware, over the last few months, we have been rolling out exciting new changes to our Planner Central hosted site. I'm excited to announce that as part of these roll-outs we are introducing a brand new SOA template and wizard! This SOA wizard and template will be available from 1st of March 2019 to all businesses on the Planner Central site.


If you're not on the Planner Central site, not to worry! We will also have this available to businesses who are on their own sites. Please reach out to your Account Manager on how you can get access. 


What are the main changes?


You may be asking yourself, 'Why the change? I already use the SOA on Planner Central and it's fine!'


The current SOA on Planner Central will still be very much accessible for businesses that use it. This SOA wizard and template was rolled out in April 2018 and there has been little change to it since initial roll-out. As part of the ongoing uplift being applied to the Planner Central site, we have delivered an update to this document that will make it easier to use, more delightful and intuitive. We have received a lot of feedback about this SOA wizard and template over the past year and have renewed it to factor in this feedback. The changes include:


  • A more intuitive and easier-to-use wizard.
  • A streamlined merge document with formatting changes.
  • Different fields for all areas that require Managed Field Content.
  • Has been coded to pull through recommendations from WealthSolver and IPS.
  • More informative insurance comparison.
  • Functional, desirable XTOOLS+ (modelling) outputs.



Recommended Licenses


In order to make the best use of the new SOA we recommend you have the following XPLAN modules:



While Hosting and Client Focus are mandatory to use the SOA, we recommend you take up the other modules to utilise it to it's full potential; they are not all mandatory.



Additional Resources


In order to assist you with making the best use of our new SOA offering, we have compiled some resources to assist you. 


Please see our training webinar on the new SOA here.


We have also put together a configuration document to assist you with adding managed field content (strategy text) to your SOA. 


If you are not on the Planner Central hosted site and would like this SOA on your own XPLAN site, we can configure it for your business for a fee. Please contact your Account Manager for more information. Alternatively, we have instructions on how to set up the configuration for yourself.* 



Any Questions?


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team below:


Email - practicesolutions@iress.com

Telephone - 02 8273 7087



*Please note that if you choose to configure the wizard and template for yourself, we will not provide additional support and maintenance of the template and wizard.