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Blog Post created by Alexander Klomp Employee on Nov 9, 2018

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Off the back of the Practice Solutions Team's October webinar, we wanted to share with you some of the tips that were discussed during the session. We have noticed over the last few months there are a few key areas of XPLAN that many businesses have access to through common licenses, but weren't utilising fully.


Does that sound like you?


We wanted to share how you can get more out of XPLAN by utilising some key areas of Client Focus.



In my opinion, Scheduler is probably the least utilised, most useful tool that we have in XPLAN. I would describe Scheduler as a time-based automation tool.


If in your day-to-day you have any work that can be phrased like:

  • "On Monday mornings, I generate ___ report"
  • "At the end of the month, we have to do ___."
  • "Every day, I need to get the advisers to ___."


Scheduler can help to automate these types of problems and tasks.



Scheduler v Alerts Manager


Some of you may already use a system called Alerts Manager. Alerts is a smarter "If this, then that" type problem solver. Where Scheduler is time-basedAlerts are event-based.


This means that Alerts can help to trigger some more complex events such as:

  • Triggering an ROA process when a client's asset allocation goes outside of acceptable limits
  • Triggering an Opt-in email to be sent to clients when their Opt-in anniversary arrives
  • Triggering an FDS to be created and uploaded to the Client Portal, and an email notification to be sent to the client automatically
  • Triggering age-based client engagement for when clients reach certain life stages, such as preservation age


Making the most of Scheduler


Lets have a look at some examples of how you can use Scheduler in your business.


Assigning tasks to team members automatically



Team member needs to book and prepare for a client review each day.




  1. Have a schedule run every day
  2. Check who is due for review
  3. Assign a task/thread to the responsible team member to prepare for the meeting



Send clients a text on their birthday



Business would like to send a text to their clients on their birthday



  1. Have a schedule run every day
  2. Check who has a birthday that day
  3. Send an SMS email template that wishes them happy birthday


Be aware in order to have SMS send from XPLAN, you need to have an arrangement with your telco to be able to send SMS. These settings can then be put into XPLAN's system settings area to set it up.


Run a FUM report for a Monday morning team meeting



Practice Manager needs to generate a FUM report for sales meeting



  1. Have a schedule run early on Monday
  2. Run against all users
  3. Generate a management report showing FUM against adviser and platform


Reducing client 'no shows'


XPLAN Diary can be used in a number of ways:



Setting up XPLAN Diary


Step 1

Ensure clients have their preferred mobile number marked as their preferred SMS Email.


Step 2

Engage with an SMS Gateway provider to send SMS emails from a computer. Almost all telcos have this offering. Enter these gateway settings into XPLAN's System Settings.



Step 3

Create two email templates, one for each of your reminder texts.


Step 4

Build your XPLAN Diary template.


From the Email/SMS Reminder you can build two notifications, one to send when the event is created, and one that sends a day before the event.


We've had clients implement this process really well already - to read up on a case study of another business who's already done this, click here.