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XPLAN 18, IRESS Service Central and IRESS Labs

Blog Post created by Alvin Kim Employee on Jul 26, 2018

We've recently announced the release of XPLAN 18, the introduction of our new service and support system - IRESS Service Central and our user centred design approach - IRESS Labs .




So, what’s new? Well, we’ve taken your feedback on board and responded with a new release process.


To summarise:

Comparison Table XPLAN Process

Our new XPLAN 18 release process focuses on development and testing, automation, and innovation and initiatives driven by our Labs Experiments team.


With a single XPLAN version, we aim to provide:

  • A greater focus on ensuring any enhancements are thoroughly tested prior to deployment.
  • Proactive response to any unexpected issues that are identified throughout the process.
  • Automatic updates of ‘Feature Packs’ and weekly ‘Service Packs’ for a seamless update experience.
  • Release of new features upon development. 
  • Option to toggle IRESS Labs experiments features to provide you access to trial our latest innovations.


IRESS Service Central


We have recently introduced IRESS Service Central, a centralised user portal to raise, view, and resolve XPLAN enquiries and requests.


IRESS Service Central will provide:

  • A single, centralised overview of all the requests you/your group/or your business has raised
  • The ability to raise an issue directly via your IRESS Service Central login
  • Simplified communication channel with XPLAN Support
  • Capability to attach supporting files and documents to further assist our team
  • Receive updates and view the progress of your requests in detail

ISC Centralised View


ISC Individual Ticket View

To help you navigate IRESS Service Central, please refer to the following links:




 ‘unlocking the rich functionality of XPLAN by making it more efficient, intuitive and delightful’


Recently our Labs Experiments featured our latest innovations – Global Navigation and Opportunities Management. These features addressed key feedback from our users around XPLAN’s interface and navigation, as well as demands for an intuitive tool to manage opportunities and the revenue pipeline.


If you have trialled our latest innovations we welcome you to provide your insights and experiences either here on the Insights Community, or via your Account Manager. 


But it doesn’t end there! Please check out our Labs - July Update for our upcoming key themes and Labs experiment roadmap and let us know if you are keen to participate in the design program. 

Designing with you


We will continue to use Insights Community to let you know about these initiatives, so please be sure to check back often.