Anika Goonewardena

XPLAN Trading Opportunity

Blog Post created by Anika Goonewardena Employee on Jul 26, 2018

We are looking for some experienced XPLAN advisers to participate in a user testing interview to explore a proposed integration between the two systems that will see advisers being able to push their portfolio recommendations through to your preferred platforms for implementation. 


We are in active conversation with BT Panorama and NABTrade but would love to hear from any advisers who would be interested in the trading capabilities that are being built for XPLAN.


The advantages of this integration for advisers are potentially significant and are detailed in the diagram below:  





For BT Panorama specifically we have user testing already underway but we are looking for more participants. The user testing interview would take approximately 1 hour, during which the solution will explained and feedback sought. The interviews may be conducted face to face if you are located in Sydney or over the telephone if you are located elsewhere.


Ideally, we would like to have a follow up conversation at the end of our design period to walk through the final proposal to seek any further feedback.


Feedback from the user interviews will help articulate the value of this integration and will be included in any platform's request for funding.


The work will also showcase new portfolio screens in XPLAN and we would be happy to provide further insight into how these screens work following the user interview if this would be beneficial to the advisers participating.


If you would like to get involved and provide your valuable insight, please reach out to your designated Account Manager or the Practice Solutions team on 02 8273 7000 or email us at