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Serving our community with TABLE

Blog Post created by Alexander Klomp Employee on May 25, 2018

On Wednesday 23rd of May 2018 the Practice Solutions Team set out for Kings Cross, Sydney to cook for people in need in the Kings Cross area. TABLE is the chosen IRESS Foundation partner for the Sydney office and IRESS organises for teams to go and contribute on a regular basis. This month it was the Practice Solutions Team to take to the kitchen!


The format of the evening is quite remarkable and while it required a lot of team coordination, it was a wonderful event to spend time serving our community and make sure that the people in our city who most need our help were able to be fed food that was delicious and nutritious.


Winter time is a serious obstacle for many homeless and displaced persons in Sydney and making sure that they get quality food is part of TABLE's important mission.


We left the IRESS offices in Sydney around 5pm on Wednesday afternoon and travelled to Kings Cross to set up at the St. Canice Church just up from Rushcutters Bay.



A little bit like TV shows Ready, Steady Cook! and MasterChef one of the unique things about this kitchen is that as volunteers, we had no idea what we were cooking! The kitchen takes delivery of food every week and it's a mystery to the volunteers until we turn up. On top of that, once we've seen our ingredients, it's entirely up to us to decide what the menu is going to be!


The only condition is that dinner is served at 7pm and we were let loose in the kitchen!

Prepping the braised beef

So when we arrived at 5:30pm we were greeted with some beautiful ingredients to work with including some beautifully tender chuck steak, carrots, pumpkins, beetroots and plenty of greens including kale, lettuce, beetroot leaves as well as a selection of herbs and spices.

Warm Salad

It wasn't long before the PST team was able to work out what we wanted to do. We settled on a menu of:


Warm Winter Salad with roasted pumpkin, carrots and beetroot

Grilled Eggplant with winter herbs


Braised Beef Stew

Fresh Ciabatta

Green Salad dressed with a balsamic dressing


Ice Cream with homemade salted caramel sauce


Flour Batter


By the time dinner was ready to be served we had about 50 patrons waiting to be served! We had plenty of good feedback about the cooking with the braised beef and our warm salad going down particularly well! Our homemade salted caramel also having several fans.


PST at We Are Table


It was a great experience to be able to give back to the community as well as spend time with the team collaborating in new ways. If you want to know more about TABLE or their parent charity Two Good Co., click here for more information.


Two Good Co. has a lot of great products as well that you can purchase that will support your local communities so check it out if you would like to help their great cause.