Reporting health check before EOFY

Blog Post created by anika.goonewardena Employee on May 9, 2018

We’re fast approaching the end of financial year and I’m sure you all must be preparing for the avalanche of work that will hit in the next few months.


If your practice produces reporting through XPLAN now would be the best time to run test reports on sample clients to ensure these reports are working as intended. This will provide ample time for you to work with us to ensure you are EOFY ready.


  • Please check that all your data feeds are flowing correctly and the data is balancing. The Datafeed Troubleshooting Guide can be used as a resource to rectify any issues detected. However, if you are unable to resolve the issue, please contact our support team on 1300 1300 69. They will be able to investigate the matter further.
  • Check all Xmerge reports within your site to ensure that the merged document reads correctly.
  • Check all templates and any reports.
  • Ensure relevant data within the site has been added, cleansed or updated for accurate reporting.


However, if there are any reports that are currently being generated manually that you would like automated through functionality such as Xmerge Reporting please reach out to your Account Managers who will be able to help you in setting these up.