Rabia Ceylan

Planner Central Enhancements

Blog Post created by Rabia Ceylan Employee on Apr 18, 2018

We have had some exciting new features added to Planner Central in the last month and are happy to announce that they are live for your business!


Planner Central has been live and available for businesses for approximately 7 years now (celebrating our 7th birthday on the 27th of April!) and in this time we have had considerable feedback from users regarding the changes they’d like us to make. While we’ve undergone a lot of change for individual businesses on the site we have never really enhanced the core offerings of the site. This is what we’re looking to improve and this is what we envision will add great value and benefit to your business. We’ve taken your feedback on board and responded to the demand by introducing changes effective immediately in the shape of a brand new Fact Find and SOA wizard and template as well as additional user preferences that go with these changes.


It’s a priority for us to continually develop our product suite and ensure we are giving our clients high quality, elegant products that they will feel happy to use. We believe that  these changes we are introducing will meet the need for development and contribute to a better client experience for your business.


Development also leads to room for improvement. Once you get on board with these new changes you will be able to help us continue to improve the product with your continuous feedback and suggestions.


To summarise;


New features for your business:

  • Updated Fact Find template & wizard
  • Updated SOA template & wizard
  • Additional user preferences


Backend clean up of the site:

  • Clean up of the interface and wizard menus
  • Clean up of template library
  • Clean up of users, groups and capabilities


So when will all of this happen?


The new Fact Find and SOA wizards and templates have already gone live and are available for your user. We have deleted the old Kickstart Fact Find and SOA wizards and have merged any existing merge targets to the back of the new ones. 


On the 27th April, the wizards and template library will undergo a cleanup and will be renamed and consolidated in line with our new naming conventions. You may need to access your wizards and templates in a different area of the site than you are used to.


Finally on the 25th May, we will undergo an internal review of the users, group and capabilities of the site.


No action is required by you at any stage! If you are affected by the changes, your Account Managers will be in contact with you.


For more information, please watch our webinar on the updates here.