Anika Goonewardena

Automating Leads and prospects

Blog Post created by Anika Goonewardena Employee on Apr 13, 2018

Is your practice aware of where you’re getting your best clients from? Are your marketing strategies aligned correctly with these sources?

All too often we find that practices lose out on the best leads or have them go cold halfway through the journey as no streamline process has been established.

This leads us to think through how any practice could automate and streamline the leads and prospects process through the magic of XPLAN. Therefore, this month’s webinar focused on how best to tackle this very underrated process.

The first step was to identify where the leads were being generated from. A New Business Lead is usually generated from an external source. Some examples include generation via an advertising campaign, referral from a business partner or existing client, or an expression of interest on a website.

While running the webinar, not surprisingly the most interest was generated around leads that are produced through a website. Therefore, this article will mainly focus on how it can be incorporated in to your practice while also looking at how to streamline your other leads.



Below is a snapshot of the automated process for Digital leads.  The main point to be made here is that any prospect on your site looking to speak to an adviser can be captured with no manual intervention.

Once the prospect navigates to your website, they will have an option of clicking on a ‘contact an adviser’ button to express interest in speaking to an adviser. This will then redirect the prospect to a new page via XPLAN connect to capture prospects basic details such as name, email address and objective straight through to your XPLAN database. The client will also receive an automated thank you email with any relevant attachments such an adviser profile or FSG.

Within XPLAN the data captured will also kick off the prospect thread created to notify the relevant person within the practice to carry out the next steps. The advisers can also set up a dashboard to display all prospect clients at a glance.





Referral Partner

A referral partner is a third-party business partner that generates leads for your business. They can be set up with Referral partner access.  Once set up they can have restricted access to XPLAN to enter the necessary prospect details. To further streamline the process a Prospect Wizard can be created to capture all fields required for your prospecting phase.

Once the referral partner adds all details and completes a wizard, this will then trigger the Prospect thread used in the digital leads process.





Direct Contact

These leads are derived from prospects that have contacted the business directly via telephone, mail or walk in.

The administrator will be able to obtain consistent information through the same Prospect Wizard used for Referral partners as discussed above. This will then activate the same prospect thread.  





As illustrated below, you will see that all three types of lead sources have been easily streamlined using XPLAN. Once the prospect thread is activated it can be automated through to the point where the prospect declines to move ahead or until the sales process has been completed and they have been converted to a client.





The benefits of automating this process flows across to each aspect of your practice. From advisers now being able to view a snap shot of all prospect clients ; to practice managers who can produce analytics through generating Xport and Xmerge reports.

We acknowledge that each business will have different sources of leads and processes that are unique to your practice. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager who will assist in identifying and establishing the best technical solution for you.


It’s also worth mentioning that exciting new features to this process will be added through the XPLAN Labs initiative.

Managing your opportunities will be made considerably easier and effective in future and you can now have a read about the new features here.