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XPLAN Integration with Suitebox

Blog Post created by Alexander Klomp Employee on Oct 19, 2017

IRESS has today announced plans to integrate XPLAN with SuiteBox. So what’s it all about?


Where did the insight for this initiative come from?
Customers across all industries are looking at engagement across different channels from face to face through to virtual meetings. Our advisers have told us that digital advice, and the ability to meet with more clients and more often are requirements in today’s world.


However, with increased regulation and compliance in the financial planning industry, it is critical that personal advice meetings held online via video conference, have the ability to record these meetings.


What is SuiteBox and why did we choose to partner with them?
SuiteBox is a video meeting software with document and screen sharing functionality.

SuiteBox is like a digital version of a meeting room, where advisers can:
 - schedule online client meetings with up to four attendees, including the host, directly from XPLAN as well as screen share documents and applications at the touch of a button
 - video record advice discussions and return all records of the meeting directly to their client’s file notes in XPLAN, ensuring compliance obligations are met
 - build stronger client relationships and do more business, more often, more cost effectively.



SuiteBox is a market leader in this space and the solution is innovative. The SuiteBox capabilities offered closely match with the feedback we received from our customers, therefore a great partner to integrate with.


How does it work exactly?
Integrating SuiteBox with XPLAN allows advisers to maximise efficiency for their clients and business, along every step of their advice journey.


It does this by solving the challenges they face such as the cost and time spent on physical, face-to-face meetings, difficulties with regulatory compliance, lack of digital integration, concerns about email security and business delays due to document lag.


Who can use the new feature? 
Any XPLAN user can use 
SuiteBox, but they will require version 2.21 and/or above to activate Suitebox on their site.


If you'd like to know more, read more here or contact your XPLAN Account Manager or Account Executive.



Alexander Klomp is an Account Manager with the Practice Solutions Team.
This article was written for the October 2017 Edition of the Practice Solutions Newsletter.