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Managed Services - XPLAN Configuration - Jan 2018

Blog Post created by Russell Cross Employee on Jan 23, 2018


We have been working hard over the last few months on lots of new and improved functionality.  These have now been tested are ready to start deploying to your sites.  The areas that we have improved are:


  • Letter Wizard

  • MiFID II
  • Review Report
  • Valuation Report

  • Individual Factfind


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Letter Wizard



These are all of the changes that have recently been made to the Letter Wizard

  • The questions have been moved around to match the flow of the output letter.
  • Section titles have been put in to show the different sections of the letter (e.g. Heading, Salutation, Body, Signature)
  • Line spacing has been amended so that the address should appear in a windowed envelope (logo size dependant)
  • If writing to a Client, any supplier information that is linked to the policy is not displayed
  • Supplier letters now show the date below the supplier name & address to match the client templates
  • Supplier, Power of Attorney and Professional Connection letters now ask whether you are writing to the Client or Partner so only those policies are shown.
  • Power of Attorney letters now work as long as the Power of Attorney is setup correctly on XPLAN (linked to the POA record, not just basic details captured)
  • Removed the table that shows provider / owner / policy number, added the details to the subject line and made it bold. This keeps in line with client letters.

Heading Section

  • Display "Address From" is now an option and can be removed from the output.
  • The Address Title now uses the text in the main page if it is completed.
  • The Address to now has a space between the initials and surname when a joint letter is required
  • The Address To now appears in a windowed envelope if folded correctly
  • Who is the letter addressed to now has the option for the Company
  • New field “Who is the addressee”. This is visible only when the letter is addressed to a company is selected
  • If you are writing to Suppliers, Power of Attorney or Professional Connections, a new question asks whose policies are you writing about. This is used to be able to retrieve partner policies for Pensions and Insurances


Salutation Section

  • The salutation now works correctly for a joint letter. This means that the Title and Surname are used when they share the same surname (e.g. Mr and Mrs Smith). If surname is different it uses the Title and surname of both (e.g. Mr Smith and Mrs Jones). It doesn't use the preferred salutation because this doesn't look right (e.g. Mr Smithson and Mrs Smithson)
  • If writing to a client then the “Who are you writing to” is used to identify which policies are brought back. This is relevant for Insurances and Pensions where you can select specific partner / client policies


Body Section

  • The Policy information is now shown on a single line and made bold (i.e. Subject)
  • The Policy information now correctly shows who the policy owner is on the letter (e.g. Partner / Client / Joint)
  • The main text can now contain merge code which will appear on the output letter correctly. 


Signature Section

  • Sender now includes a client option. This results in the company logo not being displayed but can write from the client / partner / joint
  • New question, Do you want to include Qualifications. This will display the qualifications captured on the user record
  • New Question, Do you want to display the senders job title. If yes, Job Title (captured against the user record) is now shown on the letter under the user name in the closing signature
  • New Question, Do you want to display senders contact details. Contact details captured against the user record (adviser / User / Other user) will display on the letter:
    • The telephone numbers
    • Email details
  • New Question, Do you want to display the company name in the letter. The company name is captured as the group description field. This will appear under the Job Title of the individual


End of Wizard Page

  • Select the policies (if applicable) linked to the letter. For Insurance / Retirement you have the option to select the partner policies separately

  • Store the letter as a document note

  • Produce the output letter


The improvements made above should enable you to better utilise the setting up of specific template letters using Managed Content. The field that is used for the templates is [Letter Wizard] ContentRichtext. This is a relatively simple process and will provide you with many benefits of which 2 are listed below:


Consistency in letter types for everybody using the letter wizard (and your customers). This will improve accuracy, improve quality and reduce the amount of checking required for each letter.
Time saving generating standard letters for your customers


If you require any assistance with using the letter wizard or setting up the templates then please contact your Account Manager who will be able to help you.




This is made up of a number of components.  Some were delivered in the core product and some require additional configuration.   The configuration items are listed below.


  • 10% Drop Case: A new case template for managing the workflow around notifiable value drops in client portfolios.
  • Structured Notes: A new scenario wizard and merged note template to meet the requirements for client telephone call recording.
  • Ability to capture ALL nationalities for clients on the Client Focus screens.
  • Additional MiFID Tab on the dashboard: Allow you to track the cases that have triggered the 10% drop.


If you have any questions then please contact your Account Manager.


Review Report


Article 52

Investment firms providing a periodic assessment of the suitability of the recommendations provided pursuant to Article 54(12) shall disclose all of the following: (a) the frequency and extent of the periodic suitability assessment and where relevant, the conditions that trigger that assessment; (b) the extent to which the information previously collected will be subject to reassessment; and (c) the way in which an updated recommendation will be communicated to the client.


Client information:

Firms will need to have procedures in place to ensure that information collected about their clients or potential clients is reliable and does not include information that is manifestly out of date, inaccurate or incomplete (Article 55(3) of the MiFID II Delegated Regulation). This means that there is now a specific obligation to the effect firms will need to ensure that client information is kept up-to-date if the firm is providing ongoing advice or portfolio management services to a client (Article 54(7) of the MiFID II Delegated Regulation).


To support the above requirements, the following changes have been made

  • Additional questions on the introduction page to drive purpose of review: “Is this being used for a Suitability Review or Reporting to Clients?”
  • If the response to the Question “Is this being used for a Suitability Review or Reporting to Clients?” is “Suitability Review” then the following additional pages are included in the Wizard:
    • Annual Suitability Review Details
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Income and Expenditure
    • Portfolio
    • Recommendations


Please contact your Account Manager if you need further clarification around this area.


Valuation Report


A number of fixes and enhancements have been introduced to the Valuation Report.   

  • Extra Question: Include Summary Pie Chart ?  If Yes is selected, then on the summary pages of the report, a pie chart will show that lists the assets for the client / partner / joint 
  • Extra Question: Include a summary of Liabilities ?  If Yes is selected, then on the Summary pages, it shows the total Liabilities for that client / partner / joint and produces a net figure.
  • The IPS reports that were included showed all the IPS funds that the client / partner / joint were related to.  This meant that it didn't always align to the Asset Summary information. This has now been fixed to reflect showing the information for who the report was selected for.


Any further questions or improvements then please contact your Account Manager who can pass this on for enhancement.  



Individual Factfind


This is the first phase of a number of fixes and enhancements to the Individual Factfind, a 2nd phase is being worked on at the minute for further enhancements and bug fixes.


  • MiFID II changes: Capture all the client nationalities
  • Amend the order of some of the wizard pages to match the report output.
  • Fix the phone preference on the output report.
  • Show the correct formatting on the Income requirements and Capital Gains Tax output pages
  • Post Wizard options:
    • Print a draft report (MS Word format)
    • Print a Final report (PDF version)
    • Print a Final report to Document Note (PDF Version)


If you have any questions then please contact your Account Manager.



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