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XPLAN headlines for Managed Services clients - Issue 3

Blog Post created by Russell Cross Employee on Aug 3, 2017


Welcome to the third edition of our monthly update.  In this issue, we will be discussing the following areas:

  • Central Services - change of name

  • Datafeeds

  • Hints & Tips - Navigation

  • Security - hackers offering money for insider information

  • Meet the Team - Tom Bacon

  • Training Spotlight + booking link

If any of your colleagues have not received this update, then please share it with them and contact your Account Manager and let them know. 


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Central Services - change of name


We’re pleased to let you know that we recently changed our name from Central Services to Managed Services which better represents what we do for our customers.   The key goals of our team are:

  • Package and deliver a relevant product solution to the independent Wealth Advisory market
  • Deliver and implement our products efficiently by using a standard, pre-configured product and predictable implementation plan
  • Provide an outsourced Managed Service that takes care of the day-to-day running of our products, freeing you up to concentrate on the important things such as providing advice

We will achieve these goals by delivering a relevant, packaged, product and service proposition to you that is

  • Relevant to your business
  • Delivers professional outputs that aim to enhance your brand and value proposition
  • Improving efficiencies in your daily workflow
  • Cost effective and efficient for our clients to implement while we maintain it for you
  • Allow you to focus on your strategic goals and money making activities, allowing you to continue to do what you do best

Our support details are still the same, but note that our email address has changed. 


Support: Call 0345 068 3000 or email


The Team: If you have ideas where we can improve things for you then please contact us directly on


Hints & Tips - Navigation


Our training team in Warwick have put together 2 fantastic documents that will help your navigation around the XPLAN system.  Both of the documents are attached to this update and are available for you to see if there are some quicker ways to do some of the normal tasks that you do on a day to day basis. 


The searching for clients document has topics that include:

  • Search filters
  • Quick search
  • Using Lists
  • Recent
  • Advanced search


The title bar document has the following topics:

  • XPLAN button
  • Add button
  • Quicklinks
  • Instant search
  • Notification envelope
  • Sticky note
  • Time taken
  • Help


If you find these quick sheets useful and have a particular area that you would like us to focus on then please let us know.  We will work with our colleagues in training to see if they can produce some specific ones for us.  


Security - hackers offering money for inside information


Hackers are commercializing their efforts by offering rewards for taking part in hacking activities. Hackers have now taken this to a whole other level, by offering money for inside information.


As insider threat is still one of the most dangerous and prolific threats organisations face today, and this is quite a serious one. All it takes is one disgruntled employee to fall for this offer, however it comes with many dangers:

  • The insider is not guaranteed to get paid, but they take all the risk!
  • The insider is giving a hackers ammunition to blackmail them into disclosing more information, and will probably still not get paid!
  • The insider takes all the risk, and consequences will be far reaching (fines, jail, unemployed, family etc.)
  • The disclosure always comes out, and will then be investigated, and there is always a way to find the insider once the investigation starts.
  • The insider will get caught out by the end of the investigation... even if they have resigned from the company!

To mentioned just a  few...


Never be the sucker that falls for this trap, as it will most likely end up in prison, or an endless loop of doing a hackers bidding because of blackmail, and then still end up in prison. Remember hackers are unscrupulous people who will not hesitate to burn an insider for their own gain! There is no happy ending to these types of stories...
Insider threat is something to be taken very seriously by everybody. Something many insiders don't ever consider is that should they be successful, the damage to a company's reputation can be severe enough, that the insider could threaten the jobs of all their co-workers, not just their own. Or even implicate a co-worker as an accomplice when the co-worker inadvertently assists in the crime.
Identifying insider threat is also not very easy, so it requires the assistance of all employees at the company.


The first attacks will always be against people within your organisation:

  • Phishing
  • Social engineering
  • Insider Threats

Please click here to read the full article.


Jacque Taljaard - IRESS Information Security Manager




Datafeeds represent an efficient way to import portfolio transactions from a third-party.  Incoming data is processed and matched against clients, automatically updating their current portfolio holdings. 


Work is ongoing to enhance the number of third parties that transactions come from.  3 recent examples are the datafeeds for Margetts, Sanlam UK and Brooks Macdonald.  These are now available and ready to use.  Please contact your Account Manager if you want to take advantage of this.


Third-parties that we currently receive updates for are:


Bulk Datafeeds



Aegon Retirement Choices

Alliance Trust Savings


Aviva Wrap

Brooks Macdonald



Investec WI

James Hay








Zurich Intermediary Platform


Contract enquiry Datafeeds




AXA Wealth

Canada Life (UK)

Canada Life International

Elevate (part of Standard Life)

Legal & General (UK)


Old Mutual Wealth Assurance was SkanLife

Old Mutual Wealth Platform was SIS

Royal London (was Scot Life)


Sanlam UK

Scottish Widows

SIPP centre

Standard Life




If you would like to have additional datafeeds setup then please contact your Account Manager to discuss the options available to you.


Meet the team - Tom Bacon, Implementation Consultant


Tom joined IRESS as an Implementation Consultant 8 months ago and his specialities are the construction and adoption of CommPay and Datafeeds. He came from Financial Services network compliance role so really enjoys a technical challenge whilst preferring to move towards a more client focused role.


He joined IRESS because it was a company that had the feel of a place that was making real progress which naturally appealed to the sportsman in him. Tom certainly knows how to work hard and play hard. 


He enjoys having to research and test solutions but more importantly, following that through to see it working for the clients.  It really gives him a sense of achievement. 


Since joining IRESS, the biggest change he has seen is the growth in the Managed Service team and gaining a wider project scope with more interesting and challenging clients.


I don't know what you think but he regularly gets mistaken for Tom off the "Only Way is Essex".  I can't imagine he has ever used it to his advantage.



Training Spotlight


In March, we made a number of improvements to the training area on the main IRESS website.  The new features make it easier for you to search, filter and book training:

  • New filters to include courses by month and A to Z
  • Downloadable Agendas
  • Labels to show if a session is full / filling up / cancelled
  • Easier booking process

If you want to learn something new or just need a refresher on a particular topic, why not click on the button below to take you to the training site and see when the courses are next being run.




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