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XPLAN headlines for Managed Services clients - Issue 1

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Welcome to the first edition of our new Central Services update. It is part of our desire to improve the service we offer to you. In these monthly updates, we will outline the latest developments on XPLAN and help to ensure that you and your business get the most of the product. Over the coming months we will be covering:


  • Key areas of the system and how to utilise them better in day to day working for the whole office

  • Future strategic improvements to XPLAN and when to expect them


If any of your colleagues have not received this update then please contact your Account Manager and let them know. 


If there are any topics that you would particularly like us to cover then get in touch at


Password Reset - Self help


Did you know that you can reset your own password yourself?  All you need to do is set up 2 security questions that are only known to you (and that you will remember the answers).  It is a simple process and only takes a couple of minutes so why not set it up next time you are in the system.


To set up the questions / answers up, carry out the following actions -

1. Click on Preferences (top right)

2. Click on the Reset Password item on the left hand side (under Account)

3. Click on Edit (top right)

4. Enter 2 questions and 2 answers

5. Press Save


To retrieve your password -

1. On the login screen, press the forgot password link

2. Enter your UserID

3. Press the send code button (it will send you an email

4. Enter the activation code that is emailed through

5. Answer the 2 questions

6. Enter your new password.


It takes around 60 seconds to reset your password which is much shorter than the current way to reset it.


Recent Implementations


We have made a number of changes to documents and wizards over the last few months.  The enhacements have seen improvements in report output and personalisation and have received positive feedback. 


The majority of these changes have been made as a direct result of feedback from our clients.  If you have any suggestions on how to improve the product then please contact us at . 



Investment Hub


Investment Hub is the functionality within XPLAN that enables two-way integration between provider Platforms and XPLAN.


Accessible via the “Retirement & Invest” module within XPLAN, the Platform Connectivity functionality will securely transmit client data held within the XPLAN (Client Fact Find, Product/investment details, reference numbers for account top-ups etc) to the provider platforms where the data will be prepopulated. This is available for the Account Opening, Quote & Apply (including investment strategy) and Top-Up user journeys.


Investment Hub functionality also supports “save and resume” allowing you to revisit and amend/complete and previous scenarios. Where applications have been completed, all contract reference numbers and documentation are saved back into XPLAN, against the client, and linked with the data feeds to allow for valuations.


The major benefit of this is the significant time saving and reduction of human error as a result of a reduction in re-keying data. It also means that business processes are simplified and the user journey flows from one system to the other without disconnect.


If you are interested in finding out more then please contact your Account Manager.



XPLAN 2.20 release


Over the next 4-6 weeks, we will be deploying the 2.20 release to the live centrally managed sites. If you have a self administered site then please contact your account manager to arrange for the upgrade to be scheduled. You will be able to benefit from some new areas of functionality plus improvements to existing functionality.


What's new ?

New Business Events

SYSC 9.1 of the FCA Handbook requires that “A firm must arrange for orderly records to be kept of its business and internal organisation, including all services and transactions undertaken by it, which must be sufficient to enable the appropriate regulator or any other relevant competent authority under MiFID or the UCITS Directive to monitor the firm's compliance with the requirements under the regulatory system, and in particular to ascertain that the firm has complied with all obligations with respect to clients”.


The latest version of XPLAN offers functionality specific to supporting the capture of what is generally known as the New Business Register.  There are three components to the register:

  • New Business Register Screen
  • Reporting

Family Tree

In this release, we’ve significantly enhanced the Family Tree display introduced in XPLAN 2.17 with an improved interface and greatly enhanced functionality. Family Tree helps you quickly build a visual understanding of a client's situation when meeting with them, so you can easily gauge which financial, investment and insurance factors to hone in on. 


Diary availability checking using MS Exchange

Do you currently synchronise XPLAN Diary events to your company Exchange calendar? If you do, you may have noticed that XPLAN does not have visibility of Exchange events that do not exist in the XPLAN Diary. In this release we've added new functionality that enables you to immediately see everyone's availability, making it easy to arrange appointments and meetings involving multiple staff and find meeting rooms at the same time.

XPLAN will check in real-time the Exchange availability of all XPLAN Diary event attendees.  


Group Plans

The two main areas of change to the Group Plans functionality in XPLAN 2.20 are interface enhancements and a change to the hierarchy to introduce a new level for Sub-Schemes. The changes are based on client consultation and feedback.


What's improved ?

  • Client Focus
  • XPLANtouch and Client Online Access
  • CommPay
  • Dashboard
  • Portfolios (IPS)
  • Private Wealth
  • Risk Researcher
  • XTOOLS and engage

For more details of the changes highlighted above, please read the release notes attached to this email or contact your Account Manager.


Meet the team - Sati Clare, Implementation Consultant


As part of the monthly update, we will focus on an individual within the team and try to give you a little inside knowledge about them.  Our first volunteer (victim?) is Sati Clare.  He is one of our Implementation Consultants and has been with IRESS for around 10 months.  A number of you will have had the pleasure of working with him during this time.


The part he likes the most about the role is "being empowered to make a difference to our Clients".  This isn't always easy but he is the life and soul of the party and quick to make us smile. 


When asked about himself, he did comment that he once worked as a holiday rep in the Costa Del Sol - no wonder he has the "gift of the gab".



Training Schedule


Training is delivered to you either through our classroom environment in Warwick or online via Webinar.  A few of the areas covered this month are:


New user adviser

New user core

Practice Management

Site Administration & Threads

CommPay lodgements

Debt Qualifier

IRESS Portfolio System

Group Plans

Management Reporting - XPORT

Management Reporting - Advanced search




If you want to find out more about the full suite of training courses or book onto one of them then please click the link below to be taken to the Training site




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