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Below you'll find instructions on some quick ways to find your way around the Insights Community. If you ever get lost, click here to return to the Getting Started Guide homepage.


Before we get started, here's a quick overview:



Let's begin.



Navigation Overview


Welcome to the IRESS Insights home page!


The below image highlights the different areas on the homepage, which you can click on to navigate to different parts of the online community.





1Site logoUse this to navigate back to the home page wherever you are
2Site navigation menuNavigate your way around key areas of the site using this section
3Personal navigation/notification/searchThis is for checking inbox notifications, creating content, adjusting profile settings and searching
4AnnouncementsImportant site-wide announcements will always be shown here
5Welcome carouselA pleasant way to see what's happening in the online community
6Quick linksThese are our recommended links of places to go



Setup Your Profile


Once you've registered, it's time to update your profile.


Why is this important? Because it allows both community members, and IRESS Support staff, to connect with you in a more meaningful manner.


Granted, we know not everyone is comfortable putting their details up online, so we respect your choice but still recommend you do so.


If you haven't already done the onboarding activities when you registered, click here. If you'd rather skip ahead, see below.


To edit your profile:

  1. Click on your avatar photo in the top right hand section
  2. Click on Edit Profile


3. Once you're in, fill out or edit your details as desired

4. That's it!


News Streams


News lets you automatically subscribe to a selection of curated activity streams (also known as an "auto-follow" or "subscription streams").


Think of your News stream like a Facebook or Linkedin news stream.


This is where you go to get curated information on everything that's happening within the community.


News also displays any custom streams you have configured for yourself. You'll see Top and Trending activity, as well as anything else you'd like to filter.


In order to navigate to your News section, simply go to News in the main navigation menu on the site.


See below...


Screen Recording 2016-06-22 at 02.19 PM.gif


You'll notice we clicked on Wealth News above when we navigated into the News section. This is set by default.


However, as aforementioned, you can create your own curated news streams by clicking on the button.


See below...


Screen Recording 2016-06-22 at 02.22 PM.gif




How often do you spend time trying to find solutions to questions in help documentation?


The Insights Comunity aims to reduce that time.


Documents, questions and files that are added to Insights are instantly searchable, so you can come back to discussions, questions and answers when you need them.


If you wish to improve your search results, though, we highly recommend doing the following:


  1. Focus on keywords and use booleans - when searching, try to use keywords most appropriate to your search. Some other booleans that might be handy include AND, OR or NOT. For example: "How to make money NOT spam."
  2. Search from the Support Centre - just go straight here to start the searching experience!
  3. Use the 's' on your keyboard - this is a handy little tip to bring up your search box straight from within the website. When you're not typing in any input field, just hit 's' on the keyboard and see what pops up!


Everything that is uploaded to Insights is indexed, so you can rest assured that you will get to what you want faster.

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