Using an Alert to trigger the 'Annual Review' process

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How could an Alert be used to automate the Annual Review invitation process? 


In this response to a post by Brodie Miller we began to examine how an Alert could be used to trigger the Annual Review process rather than the more common (and much more manual) approach of generating a report.   


The process requires:

1.  an Alert which identifies all client's whose 'Review Date' is 21 days out and whose 'Review Status' is 'Incomplete'  - it then:

  • emails those clients (using an email Template) with an invitation to attend their Annual Review, and
  • notifies both the Adviser and Client Services Manager (who receives these notifications is readily changed if required). 


2. that the client 'accept' their invitation using a 'subscription link' which has been included on the email sent (you could just ask them to 'reply' to the email however the field updated is, in this case, used by a subsequent Alert - highlighted in the next step).


3. a secondary Alert which is responsible for identifying the clients which have accepted their invitation (using the 'subscription link') - this then: 



Fig. 1.  The meeting invitation - complete with Google Maps directions from both the clients home and office.  



Could this approach work in your business? 


This document was generated from the following discussion: Using an Alert to trigger the 'Annual Review' process

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