Alerts: Client Birthdays (using dates in your Criteria)

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Question: Can I have an Alert create a follow up Task for the client's birthday?

Answer: Yes.  Whilst the Adviser Dashboard provides a very useful Widget which lists upcoming birthdays, you may wish to take the next step and create a process which adds some automation around your service levels. 


The following skips over many of the fundamentals - the Alerts Manager workshop video provides a good foundation and should be reviewed before proceeding. 


The Basics.

In the following example our objective will be to:

  1. Notify a staff member of the client's 40th birthday (your choice on who that staff member is and/or which birthday we are interested in); and
  2. Provide three options as to how we communicate our 'best wishes' to the client.


Once you have established a new Alert click on to the Criteria tab where we will add two rules.  The goal here is to identify all clients who are turning 40 on any given day:

1. Click the 'Add' button to create the first criteria.  By default you will land on the ' Field or Group' tab:

2016-04-01 15_42_20-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png


2. Select the 'Field' drop down and select '[Key Details] Age':

2016-04-01 15_44_42-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png


3. The default 'Operation' value, 'Equal', is appropriate for this example, therefore add the age required (in this example we are using '40') into the 'Value' field, and finally, click the 'OK' button:

2016-04-01 15_50_59-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png

We now have a rule which will identify any client aged 40, it will however trigger the Alert for each an every day that they remain 40 years of age.  To rectify this, and achieve the desired outcome, we will add an additional rule. 


4. Click the 'Add' button again to add the second condition.  In this case we will select '[Key Details] Date of Birth' from the 'Field' drop down list:

2016-04-01 16_18_18-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png


5. Select 'Not Older Than (Years)' from the 'Operation' list and enter '40' into the 'Value' 'Field':

2016-04-01 16_29_20-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png 

On its own, the 'Not Older Than 40 Years' criteria would result in the inclusion of any client whose age was 40.0 or younger (ie. 40 years and 1 day does not qualify). 


6. When complete, your Criteria tab should appear as below:   

2016-04-01 09_25_24-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png


7. Select the Schedule tab and set the Alert to run 'Daily':

2016-04-01 16_38_07-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png


8. Finally, select the Outcomes tab and nominate the Task to be activated (when the Alert is 'breached') and the 'Task Creation Option':

2016-04-01 16_40_03-Edit Alert Rule _ XPLAN powered by IRESS.png

The 'Task Creation Option' will determine how frequently a Task is created when an Alert is breached.  If an Alert is unlikely to be rectified immediately, for example where a portfolio has fallen outside the agreed asset allocation, the creation of multiple Tasks isn't a desirable outcome.     



The Really Cool Stuff

...coming soon (providing a retirement projection)



The Nitty-Gritty

...coming soon (how do we cater for everybody, not just the 40 year olds)

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