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Creating efficiencies within your business should never come at a cost to the experience your client's enjoy.  It's not unusual to fall into the trap of being 'inwardly' focused when dealing with internal procedures, but all too frequently these steps intersect with the client and, as a consequence, it's vital that their outcomes are considered.  The following highlights how you might leverage off the feature which allows client's to respond via links embedded into emails creating both efficiencies and a sense of 'ease of doing business'.


Any boolean* field in XPLAN can be used to capture a client's response in an email - this includes both 'standard' fields and custom fields which have added by your system administrator.  This capability is demonstrated in the screenshot below where a custom field is utilised to permit the client to nominate their 'authority to proceed'.


2016-02-29 15_42_08-Our Recommendations - Authority to Proceed - - Gmail.png

fig 1. Our client in their Gmail account viewing the email they have received from their adviser with the embedded link.



Back in XPLAN, we have added the same custom field into the client's Workflow page (personal choice, XPLAN permits the System Administrator to manage both the menu, the pages within each menu item, and what fields exist on each page):

Authority to Proceed 2.gif

fig 2. The client's details are updated immediately and reflected in XPLAN.



As an added benefit (especially for the practice) the email also includes attachments which have been automatically added as part of the merge exercise (as this was an insurance matter, both the product provider's PDS and their quote were drawn from the Risk Researcher scenario):


2016-02-29 14_16_34-Our Recommendations - Authority to Proceed - - Gmail.png

fig 3. Client opening the attached PDF.



2016-02-29 14_17_42-Our Recommendations - Authority to Proceed - - Gmail.png

fig 4. Risk Researcher quote (for the recommended product).



2016-02-29 14_19_02-.png

fig 5. Product provider PDS (for the recommended product) sourced from Risk Researcher and automatically incorporated into the attachment using simple XMerge.


A Boolean field is a data type which has only two values (usually denoted true and false).  It is named after George Boole, who first defined an algebraic system of logic in the mid 19th century.

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