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Whole new conversation to processing images and scanned documents.

Blog Post created by Andrew Wade on May 22, 2018

Umango Extract XPLAN capture solutions for mobile, tablet and web browser.

The release of Umango Extract 5.5 provides a whole new conversation around image capture. Umango 5.5 has created a solution to help meet the needs of your company to process documents and images away from the typical office setting and bring scanning to those individuals who work in off-site locations. This shifts the discussion away from the traditional restrictions of scanning at your MFD or dedicated scanner and adds rich new features to the way companies can process, capture and file images and documents from any location.



Documenting business processes via a photo is becoming common place. Imagine a scenario where you must go off-site to document or track the progress of a project or simply take photos of relevant events happening outside of headquarters. What typically happens in these cases is those images will reside on the phone, they may be sent to a cloud system such as Dropbox or sent as a picture message to a client, and from there they will remain unfiled with a long absurd name that makes it unrecognisable. When a scenario comes up and someone in the office needs to access those photos, usually they will spend great lengths of time trying look-up and find previous photos that may be saved on their phone or in their drop box. This overhead of an unstructured, unmanaged and sporadic filing of documents has been solved by Umango and its ability to in real-time, quickly process, label, sort and route those images back to into XPLAN where they could be accessed by the team.





Umango Extract validating images on the mobile or tablet device

Umango Extract processing previously scanned documents or uploading images on the tablet or mobile.


Umango has not only brought a new discussion around image capture but has shined a new light on how companies are able to process documents. With the ability to both capture and process previously scanned documents from within a web browser, you now have the flexibility of processing documents and images at virtually any device, computer, tablet or smartphone in the office and profile those documents into many backend systems including XPLAN.

Umango Extract validating images and scanned documents in the web browser

Umango Extract being used in the web browser to upload images as well as process previously scanned documents.


Most office workers are familiar with the process of walking up to the MFP or scanner, scanning a single document, dropping it into their mailbox, copying it and pasting it into the correct folder, and then labeling the document. This long drawn out process can be simplified by utilising Umango’s Extract features to extract, label, validate, file and even do lookups that dramatically streamlines this process into XPLAN. The conversation can go from all the processing being done at a single computer or at the MFP to any device at whatever location that is convenient for the user. Validating images can be done back at your computer, on a mobile tablet while roaming the office or on a typical smartphone. With a built-in zoom feature, the ability to lasso data (click and drag to extract text) and with all with the same Umango look and feel features across practically all platforms. With such a flexible and easy method of configuration Umango 5.5 can be tailored to a wide variety of your needs and across your entire company. 



Umango Extract validating scanned documents on the touch screen of the copier


Umango Extract real time validation of scanned documents on the touch screen of a wide range of MFD brands.


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