Andrew Wade

How to automate the scanning of mixed types of documents.

Blog Post created by Andrew Wade on Nov 25, 2017

Documents that you scan into your business systems and into XPLAN can come in all different types - some may have information in one place or layout and some in another. How do you manage to scan these different documents in one convenient batch and capture all that different information automatically?


Introducing Automatic Job Recognition (AJR).

Scan or import lots of scanned documents all at once and Umango Extract uses Automatic Job Recognition to apply a group of templates to each document to identify what type of document it is and where the information is located you want to capture. 


Umango Extract automatic Job Recognition


Umango Extract then reads the information and prompts you should there be any areas where the confidence is not high providing a fast, convenient and accurate method of capturing information off your scanned documents.:


Umango Extract validating documents