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Aged Care: Supporting clients with appropriate educational material

Blog Post created by Robert Skinner Employee on Oct 9, 2018

In Australia, the number of older Australians is increasing and this trend is expected to continue. This is an opportunity for advisers to provide appropriate support, advice and resources to assist clients and prospects in this area.


We have had regular feedback and requests from advisers searching for more material to support them with educating and engaging their clients around Aged Care.


To support this demand, IRESS has released a new Aged Care learning module within the Financial Knowledge Centre. The learning module assists clients that wish to gain a better understanding of this complex space, whether they are wealth accumulators helping ageing parents or retirees transitioning into the next stage of retirement.  


The Aged Care learning module can be leveraged in a variety of ways. Whilst adding the the large library of content already available, it can also serve as a great reference tool to enhance client meetings or aid as a pre or post-meeting reading. It is great to alert centres of influence to the new information you have available, and further demonstrates the care you have for your clients knowledge on finance.



Aged Care learning module

The Aged Care learning module builds upon the already comprehensive list of 13 learning modules available within the Financial Knowledge Centre, which range from specific areas of personal finance (cashflow and debt management, personal insurances, estate planning, investments and superannuation) to the psychology behind what makes us tick when it comes to money.


It is a comprehensive, yet easy to follow, library of aged care educational material. When read in its entirety, your clients gain a better understanding of several of the main aspects of aged care, as well as particular circumstances where financial advice may be an important consideration, including:


  • Aged care services such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme and Home Care Package, as well as residential aged care and palliative care
  • Aged care and estate planning considerations, such as wills, powers of attorney, guardianship and advanced care directives
  • Aged care and carer financial assistance, such as the carer payment, carer allowance and carer supplement


For Financial Knowledge Centre clients, there is no extra cost for the Aged Care learning module. It compliments the existing articles and videos already featuring in the Financial Knowledge Centre. We recognise that every financial planning practice is different, so you have the option to turn the module on or off for viewing by your clients.


Annual technical reviews conducted by Deakin University ensure the module is kept up-to-date; and updates may also take place in line with legislative changes and proposed budget measures.


Importantly, if you are not aware of the Financial Knowledge Centre service, it is a white labeled financial content platform for your clients, prospects and centres of influence. There are learning modules, articles, videos, quizzes and life events. We add regular new content each month and an eNewsletter template. So we do the heavy lifting for you, so you can concentrate on other areas of your business.


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*Earlier this year we announced a new SMSF learning module, you can also read more about that here.