Labs: Navigating XPLAN

Blog Post created by echen Employee on Feb 1, 2018

As part of the Labs initiative, one of the first experiments that will be made available is a new navigation experience. The goal is to make it easier to find and reach information you are looking for, and a faster and more intuitive experience when you are moving around XPLAN.


Some of the key research findings we're looking to address:

  • You wanted to navigate around XPLAN faster 

To help we’ve introduced new ‘Quick navigation’ functionality, which will allow you to navigate directly to the page or feature sought removing the need to battle numerous menus. 


  • You wanted to be able to search for items within XPLAN easier 

We’ve now added more visual cues to ensure you can find the right page or feature in XPLAN.  It will also make it easier to return to work you've already started.


  • You wanted to understand new features without the need to go on training, or look at release notes 

We’ve introduced ‘onboarding tours’, which will guide you through the new look and feel making the transition simple and seamless. 


The new navigation will work on mobiles, tablets and desktop browsers and sets up XPLAN for some exciting new features such as Opportunities and My Day (which provides an overview of what your day looks like, including meetings and tasks).


Here are some of the designs we've based the enhancements on:


XPLAN Menu Tour



We will release the first component of the Global Navigation experiment at the beginning of February. The functionality will be available via the Labs: The 'Feature Toggle'.  But if you can't wait, we've established a 'preview' here which will allow you to gain a sense of what is being delivered.  Naturally the Global Navigation experiment will include its own 'onboarding tour'.


 As per Nick Elliott's Designing With You blog, we are committed to listening and helping you achieve your goals.  Please let us know if you are keen to participate in the design program.   We will also continue to use Insights to let you know about these initiatives, so please be sure to check back often.




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