Labs: Opportunities Management

Blog Post created by echen Employee on Jan 9, 2018

Managing your opportunities and revenue pipeline is a fundamental business need and it's one of the areas we will be including in XPLAN Labs when its launched.


As part of our Designing With You initiative, the discovery phase of our research into the Campaigns & Leads functions highlighted that:

  • the current XPLAN Lead functionality isn't very intuitive and that data entry can be quite complex; 
  • advisers want to understand the stage within the process each client has reached and what activities are required to move a client to the next stage;
  • businesses want the ability to analyse all areas of the lead process so that they can understand their revenue pipeline, targets and capacity and also shape their strategy with the data collected;
  • advisers want access to real time information rather than running reports; and
  • practices want to track where leads come from and understand the costs and time required to progress them across the various channels used (eg. existing clients, marketing campaigns, referral partners, etc.).


This feedback was consistent both across all the clients involved in our research exercise and perhaps unsurprisingly, throughout the countries in which XPLAN is used.  With this in mind it made 'opportunities' an obvious pick for our first 'experiment' in Labs.  


Here are some of the screens we are working on:

Opportunity Hub

fig. 1.  Adding a new Opportunity.



Opportunity Hub

fig. 2.  'My Opportunities': An overview of your current Opportunities grouped by 'stage'.



Opportunity Hub

fig. 3.  An overview of a 'Retirement, Estate planning' Opportunity for a prospective client.



A few notes:

  • The new XPLAN platform is 'responsive' - this means you will be able to access the Opportunity functionality across multiple devices including smart phones for those "on the go". 
  • The above wireframes also reflect the new Global Navigation we are working on (more on this soon!).
  • The Opportunities Hub (where your opportunities will now live) is where you can:
    • see where each opportunity sits within your process
    • manage how much revenue is expected at each stage of your process
    • gauge how much revenue is associated with each of the opportunities
    • determine the activities required to move the opportunity forward
    • apply filters to provide insights on how individuals and groups are tracking against their targets 
    • assess how many opportunities a particular source is delivering
  • Setting personal targets allows the adviser to manage their own goals
  • Selecting an opportunity will reveal an Activity panel, so you can:
    • see an overview of the detail associated with an opportunity
    • create and add 'stuff' quickly and easily
    • see all activity against an opportunity in a 'feed style' format 



We are getting this experiment to you in the release we are currently working on, which will be made available by March. Once released, this functionality will be available via the Labs: The 'Feature Toggle', but if you can't wait we've established a 'preview' here which will allow you to gain a sense of what is being delivered. 


As per Nick Elliott's Designing With You blog, we are focused on listening, learning and helping you achieve your goals. Please let us know if you are keen to participate in the design program. We will also continue to use Insights to let you know about these initiatives, so please be sure to check back often.




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