Introducing XPLAN Labs

Blog Post created by echen Employee on Oct 13, 2017

What is 'XPLAN Labs'?

We tend to think of innovation as arising from a single brilliant flash of insight when in fact the reality is typically very different.  More often it is a process involving the identification of challenges, the hunt for opportunities, the unveiling of ideas, and some thorough questioning and research before a solution is engineered.  This is rarely accomplished by one person or even by a team within one company.  'XPLAN Labs' is a new initiative which will allow us to showcase new ideas and features within your current version of XPLAN.  Through a new toggle switch, Labs will provide you with the opportunity to experience and evaluate new and emerging innovations, technologies, and product experience uplifts from IRESS and its partners alongside existing features. 



What are we striving to achieve?

The introduction of Labs will support our goal of fostering a truly collaborative approach to the development of new solutions and the renovation of existing capabilities.  This isn't just about making a better product, it's about making a more usable solution, one that really solves the problems that you and the business need solved, and outlines the path for addressing the challenges that lie further ahead.  It's about leveraging 'experience' and ensuring that decisions are no longer formed inside a vacuum.     


"To unlock the rich functionality of XPLAN by making it 
more efficient, intuitive and delightful"



The new XPLAN platform is 'responsive' and will enable our users to access it across multiple devices including mobile access for those 'on the go'.  It takes in a design first approach, will come with a cleaner layout but retain all the rich functionality which will be tucked neatly under the hood.  There will be a greater focus on ensuring that users are seamlessly led from from one feature to the next.  This however won't disadvantage those who invested in customising XPLAN - they will continue to benefit from a deeply tailored solution.



Interested?  We want to hear you...

In order for Labs to deliver upon its promises we'll need to fuel a continuous delivery process that is highly dependent on user feedback across what we build, the way we build it, and how well we build it.  We also want to ensure that users can experience these ideas well before the features are finally exposed in an 'official' release.  It is therefore vital that we create and maintain connections with those within our community that are passionate about contributing and exploit channels like Insights to seamlessly facilitate the level of collaboration required. 




This is not the 'beginning', a lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes (a big 'thank you' to those that have already participated in our first round of research).  But just like Labs, things are about to become a whole lot more transparent.  We'll share more in the coming weeks and encourage you to get involved  - we'd love to hear from you.