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Michael Kinens
Creating efficiencies within your business should never come at a cost to the experience your client's enjoy.  It's not unusual to fall into the trap of being 'inwardly' focused when dealing with internal procedures, but all too frequently these steps intersect with the client and, as a consequence, it's vital that their outcomes are considered. …
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Lana Graham
Functionality for Downsizing Contributions to Super has been added to both XTOOLS+/CALM and Retirement Funding. This functionality is available from releases 18.7.25, 2.25.28 and 2.24.37.   An overview of this functionality can be viewed at the following links: Retirement Funding: Modeling Downsizing Contributions to Super  XTOOLS+: Modeling…
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Nicole Lorrain
Introducing our first release of Custom Grids within CommPay. The New custom Grid functionality has been applied to the existing Policies Page and Suspense Page.   The functionality is due to be rolled out to further pages in the upcoming Releases.   Standard Functionality Use the Views action menu to Customise, Save and Reload custom views.…
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