Michael Kinens

Seeking client feedback when it counts

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Aug 31, 2018

How often do you ask your clients for confirmation that the service you recently delivered was 'exceptional'? One potential downside to annual surveys is the impact that 'time' has on a client's perception. Asking for feedback shortly after delivery ensures that clients are provided with an opportunity to reflect on the experience and remind themselves of the value received.


Implementing this strategy is straight-forward. Whilst a simple email could be utilised, consider the value of incorporating the steps into your workflow.  For example, an email could be automatically sent by the system upon completion of an activity, or alternatively, a set number of days after an activity like a Review has completed.  To facilitate the capture of the client's response that same email can include a link/button.


The main objective is to make it easy - for both you and the client. This is readily accomplished for you if automation replaces manual steps (and the example above is completely automated).  From the client's perspective we've ensured that the exercise isn't intrusive either.  This requirement can be met by a posing a single question (refer to the example below) and asking that they need only click a button on the email to respond. 


"We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service at each and every opportunity.  If you feel that your recent experience didn't meet the standards you have come to expect from us please let us know by simply clicking on this notification."     


Whilst the above example only deals with negative feedback you could easily provide both options (ie. "did we provide exceptional service: Yes/No").  In either case, you must ensure you respond if and when negative feedback is received.  Again, a process could automatically be initiated to facilitate the management of such outcomes and how the business implements changes to address the issue (should it be required).



There is great value in collecting feedback from your clients if it is undertaken consistently.  It will provide you with a simple but effective metric that will help you know if you’re strategy and approach is working.  Certainly experiment with the methods you use, but most importantly, implement some form of feedback process.


What other ways (good or bad) have you used to get feedback from your clients?  Tell us in the comments!