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Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Mar 22, 2018

Traditionally, developing strong relationships has rarely been a challenge for those in the advice profession.  Understanding your client is critical not only to how advice is formulated and delivered, it must also be woven into how the business serves that relationship.  A key goal therefore should be to develop a plan for touch points that occur during the course of a 'normal' year.  A very simple way to tackle this exercise is to experience your 'service' exactly like your clients would.  If this 12 month journey felt a little lonely, if you weren't wowed, it's time to consider the inclusion of additional touch points.


A post by Matthew Wilson in the Discuss Wealth & Risk Management space reminded me once again that there are always a variety of strategies being employed to ensure clients are 'touched' at regularly and consistently.  Whilst some strategies, like sending a physical birthday card, will require greater effort than others, the impact on your client needn't be 'diluted' when faced with the challenge of 'scale'.  Perhaps predictably (at least within the Insights Community), technology can provide some much needed assistance.  As Tim Bakkenes from our New Zealand office demonstrates in his post Scheduler: Client Birthdays, XPLAN can deliver highly personalised messages either via a text/sms message or via email without users needing to literally lift a finger. 


But as they say in the classics "wait! there's more...".  Thankfully IRESS isn't distributing steak knives, rather we can lift the impact of these messages with the inclusion of video.  The image below highlights the text/SMS message received from XPLAN (driven by the logic and features that Tim outlines).  The 'landing page' that the client is redirected to when clicking on the blue link within the message is a very simple XPLANconnect Wizard.  Rather than give too much away, have a look at the landing page and feel free to ask questions below ('Add a comment').


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