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Do something 'remarkable': The 'Portfolio X-ray' report

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Jul 13, 2016

When was the last time you did something remarkable for your client?  In order to qualify, that 'thing' would have been viewed by your client as extraordinary, unusual, or simply worthy of notice or attention.  The most important aspect of 'remarkable' is that it will be worthy of remark.  If you consider 'standard' practice, most portfolio reports would incorporate elements such as 'valuations' and 'transactions for the period' - it's certainly what I've been conditioned into expecting whenever I open the envelope I receive from my super fund (to the point where it will sit unopened for a week or longer).  Hardly worthy of remark, and if it were to come up in conversation at the archetypal dinner party or barbeque, it would be for the wrong reasons.


So what does 'remarkable' look like?  The following is a single page, double-sided report generated utilising XPLAN's Smart IPS Components.  The important question is: If you sent this to your client, would it gain their attention?  Further, perhaps most importantly, would it get them talking ?


2016-07-13 11_29_51-Program Manager.png


2016-07-13 11_29_02-reportout-28063-15967 (5).pdf.png


A copy of the report is also attached (refer to 'reportout-28063-15967 (5). pdf' below).


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  • Jonah Berger is a Wharton professor and author of the book Contagious: Why Things Catch On.  The book explores the concept of 'social currency' (one of six elements which unravel the mystery of virality) and how every product or idea can have 'inner remarkability'.  In this short video he discusses the value of word of mouth marketing.