Michael Kinens

Notes: why a Note isn't just a note

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on May 2, 2016

Question: We'd like to use an alternate document management system for storing our file notes as XPLAN doesn't seem to meet our needs, can you recommend an alternative?

Answer: Providing a recommendation is going to be challenging - whilst many solutions will allow you to create, share and retrieve simple notes with simplicity, few will provide a solution which would ensure that you had effectively achieved the same 'coverage'.  For example, consider the following scenario: An e-newsletter is broadcast to all your prospective and existing clients every month.  Ideally a copy is stored against the client's records.  You will have taken this step because:

  • you include personalised content - ie. you have a section called 'just for You' which utilises information about the client (age, employment status, etc.) to bring specific information to their attention;
  • some simple research regarding assets they hold is incorporated;
  • you recognise that everyone is time poor and acessing this information is likely to be more convenient at a later date and from within the client portal (long after the email has been deleted);
  • when the client calls you like to have the above at-hand; and
  • at Annual Fee Disclosure time you choose to automatically tally up the count of these 'touch points' and include them within your FDS.


As we can imagine, the move to capturing notes within a disconnected solution quickly begins to create new headaches  In order to better appreciate how deeply entwined Notes are in your daily activities, explore this mind map which better reveals the rather extensive relationships that File Notes have established within XPLAN's feature set.