Michael Kinens

The 'Dream Report'

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Nov 11, 2015

What does/should a good client-facing report look like?

Given the opportunity, what would you include in your brief for a 'Dream' report?  To make this exercise simpler, the attached example was created to provide advisers with a benchmark. 


Within this report (which is very portfolio/investment centric) you will find:

  • A 'position' summary
  • An Executive Summary (utilises a 'global' default for efficiency but readily supports customised, client-specific content, if desired)
  • A series of 'summary-style' portfolio charts and reports
  • Market Commentary (drawn from a central library for ease of management)
  • Investment recommendations (utilising 'Local Research/Product Research Fields' to significantly enhance efficiency) 
  • Maturing Investments (proactive advice concerning investments with maturity dates)
  • Expiring Identity Documents
  • Fee Disclosure (automated)
  • Tailored detail reports (landscape orientated reports bundled into the document appendix)



Keen for any feedback and/or examples which you may have that you'd like to see included or automated.




Update: This report is being superseded by the Analysis & Review Report - A new and revised 'Dream Report'.