Michael Kinens

Tips for Getting (and Giving) Value from the Community

Blog Post created by Michael Kinens Employee on Nov 16, 2015

New here? We want this community to be useful and enjoyable for everyone involved, so we gathered some tips and guidelines.



Tips for finding answers and posting things


1. Posting is searching, too!

Whenever you type a question or start a discussion from a Discuss page, the system looks for similar topics that other have already posted. If you find something that covers your question, you may find that someone has already posted a helpful response. or you may have something that you'd like to add.


2. Use Tags and Categories to help others (and help you)..

If there's no match and you do post a new question, please be sure to provide important details (like the product, module, and version that you're using) so that the people responding don't have to ask.  Use Tags and Categories freely to help others narrow down their searches.  Tags are free-format 'keywords' that you and others can assign when posting content,  Use anything that you think will help others when searching for answers but consider information like the feature being discussed and the version (have a look at the Top 200 Tags in The IRESS Community as a reference).  Categories are a predefined list and typically help to identify the product module or component.  Categories are Space dependent (for example, the Categories in Discuss Wealth Management are typically XPLAN modules) and will present once you have indicated the Space that your post is being saved to.


3. Pictures really are worth 1,000 words!

A screenshot or even a short video goes a long way toward communicating clearly.



Tips for browsing or keeping up to date


1. Visit the News page

The News page is a great source of information and allows you to create your own news 'stream' to ensure you can be keep up to date on areas of interest.


2. Follow Posts, Spaces, and/or People

Its easy to get notified about new activity and content from the Community by using the 'Follow' feature.  When you choose to Follow something or someone you have the option of having the notifications present in either a News stream (on the News page) or in your IRESS Community Inbox.  In either case, you can also opt to have those notifications sent to your 'normal' email address and/or the Community mobile app.



Community Guidelines


1. Add Value

Share what you know, don't hesitate to ask questions, and take the time to include details.


2. Respect People

Give people the benefit of the doubt, just like you would if talking to them in person. Importantly, remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question, we all started with zero knowledge.


3. Know your options for getting help

If you need urgent help please contact our Help Desk.